HIIT Works, But Keep Moving Too

We’re more than a personal training gym, but performance training forms a core of our business. So, clients often ask us about the benefits of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). As Chris Byiers has observed, “Well HIIT has been trendy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective.”

In fact, new studies from the University of Texas suggest that extremely short bursts of HIIT improve the metabolism and muscles. Athletes have used HIIT for years, but this study shortened the duration of a session to just four seconds. Yes, four seconds.

In the first study as our go-to reporter Gretchen Reynolds reported (read the article here), students used bikes with no resistance to reach their maximum effort almost instantly. They then pedaled for four seconds. This was repeated hourly for 8 hours.

Just four seconds of HIIT per hour improved fat metabolism dramatically.

For the second study, a large group of older, out-of-shape adults trained using fifteen four-second cycling bursts per session. They increased their aerobic fitness and muscle mass dramatically after eight weeks.

In the final study, 11 students did 30 repetitions of the four-second intervals with 15 seconds of rest. Over eight weeks the students completed 48 minutes of exercise. On average they had gained 13 percent to aerobic fitness measures and a 17 percent increase in muscle power.

So, the research suggests that short bursts of HIIT can improve your health. But there are serious downsides to not moving enough.

You need to move regularly. Study after study shows that people who don’t move have worse health outcomes and are at risk for early death. Our heart, strength, and metabolism get and stay healthier when we move regularly.

But many adults don’t move much during their day. Kaido Health Hub cites studies that 37% of British adults move less than 30 minutes a day. And, even many workers are sedentary. 81% of British office workers spend 4 to 9 hours per day at their desks. You can read the article which includes great movement tips here.

Our personal training gym team believes in the tested guideline of 30 minutes of moderate to brisk movement or exercise 5 times a week.

And just moving about regularly helps our health. A recent study (read it here) of 84,500 adults found that just 2 minutes of light activity every 30 minutes resulted in a 33 percent reduced risk of premature death compared to not moving.

When you’re ready to get moving, we’re here. Just contact us.