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Philadelphia Personal Trainer in Center City

Hector E. Bones


Education: Bachelor in Exercise Science (Temple University)

Hi, I’m Hector! I created Elevate with a simple belief system based on the Dinner Table – it is the place where you often learn life’s greatest lessons. People bring their favorite dish, their stories to laugh, questions to ponder, and energy to inspire. Everyone brings something! At the table we are nourished; we come together, exchange ideas, learn, share, serve and grow. I graduated from Temple University with a B.S. in Kinesiology. I went on to be a Personal Trainer at a Sporting Club at Bellevue. After being there six years, I believed there had to be a better way for our industry to be elevated – for a Team to be created, interact, and learn from each other. I also believe that the clients can have an experience that is intimate, efficient, and feeling that they are in a place where they can grow. Hence Elevate was born! I believe that sustainable fitness isn’t just about exercise; it’s a lifestyle. I strive to create a supportive and challenging environment where clients not only reach their goals but also develop a lasting passion for a healthier life. To change the narrative of Personal Training, I want to build a relationship with you, know your routines, and believe that we can keep you away from the hospital by being active and strong.


Zack Hixson


Education: BS in Kinesiology, Minor in Nutrition (Temple University)

I am a runner, avid learner, and concert groupie. In my free time, I love to ride dirt bikes, run, cycle, cook, go to concerts, read, and learn about everything. A hidden talent of mine is that I spent a large majority of my childhood in Boy Scouts. The skills I acquired are incalculable and I find ways to still use them to this day.

I help people move better, feel better, and become more capable of what they love in this world. I started personal training 4 years ago and have since worked in multiple physical therapy clinics, semi-private training facilities, and 1-on-1 facilities. My favorite part of any day at Elevate is connecting with my community. I am constantly inspired by the conversations I have as my clients help me grow and learn in insurmountable ways. I want my clients to feel better than when they walked in  and ready to take on the world.



Gianna Merlino


Education: BS in Kinesiology (Pennsylvania State University), MS in Sports Science & Rehabilitation (Logan University), NASM Certified Female Personal Trainer

I am a dancing queen, runner, and hamster mommy. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, specifically self-help books, but thrillers are my guilty pleasure. I enjoy running outside on a warm day and exploring new coffee shops. I am an “out of practice” ballerina and can dance ballet in pointe shoes. In 2020, I was a dancer in Penn State’s Dance Marathon; a 46 hour, no sleeping or sitting dance marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer. 

I create individualized exercise programming that allows people to gain strength, move well, and feel their best. The sense of community and family at Elevate makes me look forward to every day and every interaction. I know that I am fully supported in whatever I do and that Elevate is a positive, motivating, and empowering environment. During/after a session, I want my clients to feel that they were challenged and pushed in a safe manner beyond what they thought they were capable of, and to leave our session feeling accomplished, motivated, and strong. 


Kevin Ramos


Education: M.S. Clinical Exercise Physiology (East Stroudsburg University)

I am a member of the National Guard, a powerlifter, and a Kismet bagel fanatic. In my spare time, I enjoy reading/listening to books, training for powerlifting and cooking – but especially eating incredible food. My hidden talent is that I have an uncanny ability to peel almost any fruit without a utensil. 

I guide individuals to achieve a greater health span. At Elevate, the bond between individuals is unique whether that be a client, personal trainer relationship or between personal trainers. Sharing and receiving new ideas and building connections is the best part of being at Elevate. I want my clients to feel a sense of self-relaxation, but invigorated and ready to conquer the day after a session. 



Ryan Scalia


Education: Music Performance (Berklee College of Music), Certified Personal Trainer

I am a husband, musician, and bowler. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, playing music, going bowling, reading, and working out. A fun fact about me is that I have been bowling since before I can remember, bowled in leagues and for my high school, and still continue to bowl for fun!

I help others improve their lives through better fitness habits. My favorite part about working at Elevate is the community of members and coaches. We have the best environment for people to be their best selves. After a session, I want my clients to have enjoyed the workout and to feel better when they leave than when they came in.


pelvic floor strengthening

Emma Collier, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist, in collaboration withe Elevate Health & Performance

Education:B.S. in Rehabilitation Sciences and Psychology & Doctorate in Physical Therapy Northeastern University

I am a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy living in Center City Philadelphia. I have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University. I also have a Bachelors degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Psychology. I have worked in hospital and outpatient settings in Boston and Philadelphia. I enjoy working with people of all ages, but I specialize in orthopedic injuries and pelvic floor dysfunction. I am a lifelong learner and participate in multiple continuing education programs to improve my practice and to provide optimal patient care to my patients.

At school I played tennis, basketball and lacrosse but struggled with multiple injuries. I was always frustrated that I didn’t understand the cause of my injury nor the need for specific treatment – this motivated me to study to become a Physical Therapist.

While at University, I suffered another setback when I tore my hip labrum while training for the Philadelphia Marathon – but after understanding the injury and successful physical therapy I was able to rebound and complete the Philadelphia Marathon within my target time.

The COVID pandemic was a challenging time for many. I felt weak, disconnected and frustrated. However, I used the time to study Postural Restoration and Dry Needling which helped me with my injuries and which I now incorporate into my practice as appropriate.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Adam Raven

Licensed Massage Therapist
In collaboration with Elevate Health & Performance

After 10 years working as a social worker with young people and about the same time working for the man in Corporate America I decided to flip it upside down and retrain as a Massage Therapist, so am now Adam Raven LMT(Licensed Massage Therapist)

I was born and raised in Leicester, England, moving over to North America in 2009. Philly, and indeed Fairmount has been my home since 2011. I’m a keen runner, cyclist, yogi, skier, and pretty much anything else outdoors, so wanted to move into a career that more closely aligned with my interest of living a heathy lifestyle both mentally and physically.

I have an 8 year old son who follows many of my interests, although I am yet to find his level of passion for Pokemon, Roblox or spinning in circles until I fall over.


I use variety of massage modalities to create a relaxing environment aimed at complementing other aspects of your life be it running, cycling, yoga, climbing or just staying generally healthy. I use massage to help with improving recovery speeds before and after workouts, races or competitions. Recovery is the key to improving and being ready for that next event, and crucial to recovery is good quality sleep, particularly before and after those big workouts or during high stress times.

Whilst I can work with most people, if we are involved in similar activities, the reality is I’ll be in a better position to understand your interests and in turn priorities from a first hand experience. That’s why I was keen to tell you a little bit about myself above and why most of the people I work with are enjoy running, cycling, yoga, climbing, boot camps or hit class type activities.

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