Exercise Is Medicine

Now more than ever, our elevate team agrees with The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) that exercise is medicine. The evidence keeps coming in.

Exercise improves your cardio-vascular strength. That improves your overall health. (People with serious cardiovascular, metabolic or renal challenges need to consult their physician).

Research shows again and again that exercise is medicine.

A new, large, multi-decade observational study shows that just 11 to 35 minutes of moderate exercise daily increases your longevity. Perhaps because, many studies found that just 15 minutes of exercise a day improves your heart health and lowers your blood pressure. 

And a study from Harvard with 16,000 participants showed that moderate exercise lowered total cholesterol dramatically.

As part of their Exercise is Medicine program, the ACSM conducted an in-depth peer-reviewed “study of studies.” It focused on exercise and the incidence of cancer. They concluded that regular moderate exercise reduces your risk of developing cancer – by as much as 69%.

Sweden’s Karolinska Institute (2019) found that tumor growth slowed dramatically in rats who exercised. Because tumors thrive when deprived of oxygen (which may seem counter-intuitive). Exercise increases oxygen levels and slowed the growth.

Numerous other studies suggest that exercise is medicine. Another Karolinska Institute (2015) showed that exercise improved immune response. Exercising stimulated CD8 + T cells that impede cancer’s growth by increasing lactate levels.

Whether you’re looking at prevention or addressing a health concern our health professionals can create an exercise is medicine program for you.

Even if you’re not convinced that exercise is medicine, why not commit to regular a regular therapeutic exercise program? We guarantee that you’ll look and feel better. When you’re ready, we’re to help. Just contact us.