Build Your Muscle Mass for Better Health

Strength training must be part of every training routine.

Being a personal trainer gym Center City comprises a large part of our practice. Two of the principles we embrace are:

At every age. Because it builds muscle mass at every age. Your body works more efficiently which helps reduce injury.

For some reason, some clients feel skeptical about being able to build muscle mass. Perhaps because in the past some “experts” suggested that once you passed 40 adding muscle mass was impossible. This article from The Washington Post confirms our position. (Hey, some people trust the printed page more than us, so have a look).

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Starting in our late 30’s we can begin to lose muscle mass. We can lose as much as 8% per decade. (This is known as Sarcopenia).
  • Over time this atrophying translates into a loss of up to 30% of our strength and power.
  • With less strength, our muscles must work harder and strain to accomplish a task.
  • Increased strain leads to an increased risk for injury.

Our personal trainer gym team in Center City knows that. And we also know that:

You can increase your lean muscle mass which increases your strength. It takes two things:

  • Strength training focused on key muscle groups. As Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine doctor explains, “Strength training improves your ‘economy of movement,’ it offloads joints, so you can do the same amount of work with less pain and lower risk of injury.”
  • A proper diet that’s protein rich. Our consulting dietician John Rickards explains, “Protein is a key factor in building muscle. As we age, we often digest proteins less effectively. Adding protein encourages building lean muscle mass, particularly when strength training. Try to consume at least 90 grams of protein a day.”

At elevate Health & Performance™ we practice “Functional Strength Training.” We work with clients to strengthen muscle groups that help keeps us standing straight, moving well and lifting strong. 

Strengthening our front muscles – particularly chest and abs – is important. Mostly to keep us from slouching.

This can lead to permanently contracted and weakened muscles.

But our rear muscle groups need to be the primary focus for functional strength training. Our glutes activate our “rear chain muscles.”

These help our posture and balance. More importantly, they power our movement from walking to jumping to being able to lift heavy things. These muscle groups are so important that our personal trainer gym team believes in a 2:1 training ratio of back to front.

Every person’s training program is unique based on your abilities and limitations. But most of our strength training programs for our glutes includes lunges, planks, squats and step-ups. Upper body exercises include dips, flies, pull-ups, push-ups and rows.

And while we love working out with you in person, most of these exercises can be done at home or on the road. We can help you use “the gym you have” even if doesn’t involve any equipment. Just contact us and we can build an effective functional strength training program just for you.

Building strength and lean muscle mass takes time and commitment. 

Our personal trainer gym team Center City agrees with the “gold standard.” It advocates 2 or 3 strength training sessions a week. They each n

You need aerobic exercise too, particularly for heart health. We agree with standard suggestion of moderate aerobic exercise 5 days a week. Again for 30 minutes or more to be effective. 

When your ready for functional strength training, Contact Us we’re here to help.