Here at elevate, our Rittenhouse Private Gym and Physical Therapy Practice, it feels like a long strange year. Now that we’ve returned, many of you tell us that you feel the same way.

And since many of our clients and patients only see one or two or our team members, you’ve been asking how we’re doing. And what we’re doing.

So, we asked our Rittenhouse Private Gym Team for updates:


Frida and I have our hands full with Esmi!  She is this young woman that is determined, shows great “leadership qualities” ? and has an expansive palate!

Seeing Esmi develop inspires me to challenge myself in all facets of life and continue climbing mountains. She’s pure joy and I’m honored to be her father.

I’m also VERY fortunate to have a partner in Frida who is the CEO of our household.


adamantine (adj): unbreakable. I aim for that.

2020 has thrown us many plot twists but it has also brought forth a lot of light. As I continue to train, I also officially became a licensed physical therapist assistant in the state of PA!

It’s been a long and twisted ride. But I made it and couldn’t have done it with the love and support from my family, friends, and team here at elevate. I am forever grateful for this fit family I can call my own. As well as all the relationships formed with my clients. You guys have made the journey possible as well as exciting and bearable.

Here’s to more growth and taking whatever else this life has to throw at us!

Everyone on our Rittenhouse Private Gym and Physical Therapy team wants elevate to be your “Home for Health.”


The challenges that we have faced over the past 6 months are undeniable. Not one single person hasn’t had to adapt from the life they were used to living.

Through all of this, I have been able to find solace in spending time with my now two-year-old son Rhys. Getting the opportunity to spend so much time with him was a silver lining and something I’ll always remember.

Moving forward I’m excited to continue helping people find health and balance in this new challenging environment. Now more than ever, it’s become paramount we treat ourselves and our bodies with the care we/it deserves.


This strange new world we live in has brought the obvious challenges to resources of all sorts. However, it’s also brought small wins.

I coach the Under-11s soccer team, Chestnut Hill Lightning, and it is really coming together.  On the team is my son Jamie and being both coach and Dad isn’t as hard for me as Jamie thinks it is.

Watching these wee kids, some I have coached since they were five, turn into excellent young athletes is a true honour – one of the rare gems found in 2020.

Again, we want to reiterate how happy we are to be back working at elevate,  our Rittenhouse Private Gym and Physical Therapy Practice. Helping our clients and patients improve their health and lives means the world to us.

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