Here in our Rittenhouse Fitness and Health Studio we want every client and patient to strive for optimal health. And we’ll gently push you to get better. And critically to move more.

Why? Well, because mobility is linked to your health. We believe that’s true at every age. Many of you may know about studies linking sedentary behavior to disease. These range from Type 2 Diabetes to Heart Disease.

Recently scientists at Texas A & M harnessed massive computing power to look at many genome databases. They wanted to figure out when during human evolution did our genes begin urging us to move. (Here’s a link to learn more).

Long story short: moving genomes entered our DNA ages ago. Probably over 500,000 years ago. That’s before we became homo-sapiens.

And it makes sense that those having “movement genes” stayed alive and reproduced when others didn’t. Because if you weren’t agile, you didn’t survive.

Well that got our Rittenhouse Fitness and Health Studio team thinking. We circled back to the simple sitting test that predicts how long you’ll live.

Brazilian Doctor Claudio Gil Araujo developed a sitting test to gauge an athlete’s mobility. But he also noticed that less mobile older patients seemed to die earlier and more often. He used the test to confirm his hypothesis.

The test seems quite simple, with a maximum of 10 points. You get 5 points for sitting on the floor without using any help – like your hand or knee. And you get 5 points for getting up unassisted. You lose a point for every appendage you need to get down or up. (Here’s a link to learn more).

Araujo recruited 6,000 subjects. And he studied them for 6 years.

People with scores below 8 were twice as likely to die as those with a higher score.

But, losing your agility isn’t limited to older people. Sedentary people – say desk workers or truck drivers – lose agility rapidly. And post-surgery it’s common to see a dramatic reduction in agility and mobility.

When you see our Rittenhouse Fitness and Health Studio team doing agility drills with most of our clients, you’ll know why.

To move is to thrive! We all want to cheat death.

We often do ladder drills, hurdle drills or medicine ball drills here at elevate. They increase our agility by forcing us to increase our range of motion. And we’re learning new patterns of behavior which improves balance. Also, they’re a little “hidden cardio.”

Of course, you can do most of them on your own. (Here’s a link to 6 drills from ACE).

But if you want to do improve your agility and haven’t started you may want to contact us.

And if you have questions. Or you want to get started, just contact us here at elevate Health & Performance™.

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