Here at elevate Health & Performance  exercise therapy and physical therapy make up the core of our practice. But we aim to do more. And hope that, particularly in stressful times, we can be an anchor in clients’ lives.

As Hector noted at the end of the year:

“We all have experienced 2020 differently. We’ve had to re-evaluate and adapt to a changed and changing world. For many of us, this has involved tough decisions, simplifying our lives, and strengthening relationships. Through it all, we persevered.

“Collectively, we are so resilient. And, I can’t imagine a year with more challenges.”

“It’s amazing how many people have stepped up. From volunteering to activism to working extra hard, all to keep things going.

“We’ve all had to adapt. And many have done it so well. We’ve seen work turned upside down, family roles changing, careers pivoting, and friendships evolving. I believe that we’ll look back at the trials of 2020 as a reminder to appreciate all the small things we’d come to overlook and take for granted – like exercise therapy.

“And we’ve learned new skills. I’ve gotten better at time management and focusing on what’s essential. Clients and friends have tackled learning new things adapting to the changed world.

“Learning is infinite. Let’s start 2021 applying all of the learning we did in 2020 to be better equipped for what I believe will be a better year.”

Combine exercise therapy with relaxation techniques and better eating for a healthier year.

In keeping up to date, we’re intrigued by this article “Can 4 Seconds of Exercise Make a Difference?” from the New York Times. It reviews a large study that shows that cumulative short sessions of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are effective exercise therapy that improves your fitness level. So, just contact us if you’d like help with creating your HIIT program. And you can learn more about what we do, by clicking here.

Also, taking the lead from clients and friends, more of the elevate team has started meditating to complement their exercise therapy programs. You have many online options, including Calm and Headspace.

At our core, we all possess more strength and resilience than we give ourselves credit for. Here’s to acknowledging our abilities. And to using them to have a safe, healthy 2021.