Private Personal Trainers are pretty common in Center City

Ours at The Privat Gym™ | Rittenhouse are different. Not only are they all certified exercise physiologists with 4-year degrees. They also have a keen sense of intuition. They focus on their clients.

And in general, they notice that being around positive people makes them and their clients feel better.

They also notice that when we “smile more and talk less,” to paraphrase Hamilton The Musical, people seem to feel better.

So, Tara Parker-Pope’s recent article in the NY Times “The Power of Positive People” intrigued us.

She led a cruise group of health-minded people for the Times. And she too felt the glow of being around motivated, encouraging, supportive people.

Our Private Personal Trainers love this quote: “Life is too short to be around negative people.” – Carol Auerbach

Then, Parker-Pope found that she “returned home with a renewed commitment not only to exercise and healthful living, but also to simply step up my social life and spend more time hanging out with happy people.”

Naturally, she did some research (it’s a reporter’s job).

And, she found Dan Buettner a National Geographic fellow.

Buettner’s been examining “blue zones.” These are places where the elderly survive and thrive.  And he’s embarked on a project create blue zones here in the US by creating moais.

What’s a moai?

Well, in Okinawa parents pair their small children with four other kids to create an instant social network. The innovation is that they remain connected for life. They share when things go well. And help when things are rough.

Let’s create our own Blue Zones! Our Private Personal Trainers are ready.

Buettner has adapted that idea for our aging population and is working across the country. His approach “nudges” like-minded people to get together for 10 weeks. Most groups tend to continue. After years of creating moais, here’s what he’s found:

“Friends can exert a measurable and ongoing influence on your health behaviors.”

The results: In Beach Cities, CA obesity declined by 14% and tobacco use by 30%. In Alberta Lea, MN health claims declined 49% and life expectancy increased by 3 years.

We’re impressed. And agree with his observations that:

  • “The most powerful thing that you can do is to curate your immediate social network.” As Ms. Auerbach suggests – weed out the negatives.
  • “Focus on three to five real-world friends rather than distant Facebook friends.”
  • You want friends with whom you can have a meaningful conversation.” Like in a moai – this means sharing the good and the bad with people who care.

Let’s all strive for a long healthy life. Ready to be healthier? Contact us, we’re here.