Every private personal trainer at elevate Health & Performance™ eats more than a few hearty healthy salads every week.

The variety of ingredient and the sheer volume encourages our team to practice mindful eating. And we believe it can help us be healthier.

So this article from The Washington Post by Carrie Dennett intrigued our private personal trainer team. On the one hand, our team believes in eating slowly and deliberately. (We joke that some of our salads are “3-hour lunches” since they’re so chewy). On the other hand when we mention mindful eating to clients and friends, they may not understand what it means.

People assume that like mindful meditation, you’ll be inward focused and eating alone. Not true!

Mindful eating involves interoception or interoceptive awareness. That’s a fancy way of saying: you’re being fully aware of all your body’s internal sensations.

So when you’re eating mindfully you’re eating consciously.

You can do what our private personal trainer team does. You can focus on tastes, textures and smells. And on how you’re feeling: are you too hungry? Too full? Dehydrated? Anxious? And so on.

While many people think that mindful eating equals weight loss, studies don’t bear that out.

Studies do suggest that with mindful eating you might eat less, but that you will eat better.

And that’s kind of where our salads come in. Most of our team makes their own.

Mindful eating doesn’t mean you need to eat alone or without distractions. It just wouldn’t be practical – as our lead private personal trainer notes.

It does mean making conscious choices about what you’re eating. So we vary the veggies and proteins. We fool around with the add-ins and the dressings.

We’re not necessarily trying to create a low-calorie meal.

We’re trying to create a satisfying meal.

That’s varied enough that we have to focus on it while we’re eating it. And interesting enough that we’ll want to focus on it.

Why not give it a try? Whether you’re cooking or grabbing a meal to go, you’ll make a better choice. And when you’re eating you’ll be more aware of what you’re eating. And how much you’re eating. And how full you are.

We’ve found that healthier gets easier. And that because we eat a satisfying amount we don’t snack as much.

It’s a little bit of work, but with a possible big payoff for your health.

Questions? As always, just contact us.