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About Us

Welcome to elevate Health & Performance™ at 1528 Walnut ST. We’re an integrated wellness practice. And in our 5,000 square-feet one-on-one studios we offer personal training, physical therapy, nutrition counseling and therapeutic massage.  Because we understand that your well-being requires a multi-faceted approach.

Every member of our team has one goal:

Achieving your optimal health at every age. So you can live exactly the life you want.

Why Trust Us With Your Health?

We are dedicated to improving your health. We want you to look and feel better. Your health and fitness will improve. And our team of educated health professionals will partner with you to make it happen.

You deserve to live the life you want. We believe in optimal health at every age. And to achieve that we use safe and proven methods. We know that this steadily produces results.

We are serious about results. Therefore, if you are not satisfied, then elevate Health & Performance will refund your money – to a maximum of 10 pre-paid sessions.

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Just contact us here at elevate Health & Performance™ with any questions about our services and your health.

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elevate Health & Performance™ Optimal Health at Every Age. Live the Life You Want.

Call (215) 545-6500 to speak with a health expert. Or email us at info@elevate.health
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