Corporate Health & Wellness

What’s fitness and wellness worth at work?

We’ve got the hard facts:

  • $3.50 reduction in healthcare costs for every dollar you spend on fitness and wellness. And, that’s in the first year!
  • $7 to $10 ROI for disease-management programs. Also in the first year.
  • $3 to $6 ROI on lifestyle-behavior change programs within 2 years.

Plus, you get the halo-bonus of being considered a caring employer.

Why Trust Us With Your Health?

We are dedicated to improving your health. We want you to look and feel better. Your health and fitness will improve. And our team of educated health professionals will partner with you to make it happen.
You deserve to live the life you want. We believe in optimal health at every age. And to achieve that we use safe and proven methods. We know that this steadily produces results.
We are serious about results. Therefore, if you are not satisfied, then elevate Health & Performance™ will refund your money – to a maximum of 10 pre-paid sessions.

Corporate Fitness at elevate

The Concept:

The PrivatGym™ Suite 300 is a fully-equipped fitness space. We reserve this space for clients who want to work out on their own. And who also want to work out in a supervised setting.t

The Privat Gym™ Suite 300 has all of the amenities of our main space. These include:

  • State of the Art Cardio Equipment – Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer, Rowing Machine
  • Keiser Equipment for upper and lower body exercise
  • A full range of free weights
  • Private shower and changing rooms with Kiehl’s products and fluffy towels.
  • Our grab and go bar with Elixr Coffee, Iovine Brothers Green Juice and healthy snacks
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Fitness at Your Workplace

We’ve built elevate Health & Performance™to be an integrated health and performance practice.

We have a range of health professionals, from physical therapists to registered dieticians.

So we can custom tailor programs to your needs. They can the gamut. And could include anything from ergonomic analyses to outsourcing your wellness programs.

Our goal remains helping clients optimize every aspect of the physical well-being. And we believe that this extends to the workplace. We’ve seen our programs change people’s days. And even their lives.

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Curious? We’d love to connect and help your team get healthy.

Just contact us here at elevate Health & Performance™ we’re here and ready to meet.

And, here’s where we got the facts.


elevate Health & Performance™ Optimal Health At Every Age. You Can Live The Life YOU Want.

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