What Clients Say

When you’re a Center City Personal Trainer at elevate Health & Performance™ every program is unique. You don’t get a “cookie cutter” program. Your program isn’t like anyone else’s.

Our clients have a wide range of goals. These range from just getting more flexible to getting really ripped. Your Center City Personal Trainer has over 4,ooo hours of experience. And each has multiple certifications. So, they’re experts at creating effect programs.

Whatever your goals or needs, our Center City Personal Trainer Team can help you exceed them.

Here are what a few of our clients have said:

“I realized something needed to change. And it has.” – Zehra A.

“Having reached a BMI within the obese range, developed symptoms concerning for diabetes, and worsening mood and anxiety at the age of thirty, I realized something needed to change.

When a friend recommended Hector Bones I was not expecting much since I’ve had sub-par experiences with personal trainers in the past.

However, I was desperate to get healthy, and looking back, I see that this was one of the best decisions I ever made. He far exceeded my expectations and has changed my life.”

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center city personal trainer

center city personal trainer

“They helped me bring home the medals!” – Dale P.

“As a competitive masters rower I wanted to improve my strength and cardio conditioning to advance to the next level.

I tried training on my own, but found that I needed someone who could teach me how to use the gym equipment properly and train effectively for results.

That person was Hector. Hector is an exceptional motivator.”

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“elevate™ has changed my life.” – Nancy C.

“It’s true. elevate has changed my life, all for the better. And I’ve been coming since 2015. Every trainer is professional and pleasant. They understand my goals and respect my limits.

The space is clean, airy and attractive. The karma is inviting. Plus the snacks are great.

I look forward to going. And I always leave happy.”

Physical Therapy Personal Training

center city personal trainer

“I’ve lost 43 pounds. And feel great.” – Roy F.

“I didn’t realize how much weight I’d gained. Until I REALLY looked in the mirror. And was having pain in my knees.

Working with Chris and Hector got me back on track.

And the elevate dieticians changed the way that I think about food.

elevates about taking a scientific and effective approach to health. They’re sensible. The team got me back in shape. I couldn’t do it on my own.”


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