The Fitness Team

Hector Bones
Hector BonesFounder
Hector has wanted to transform peoples’ health and well-being since his teens. This led him to create elevate Health & Performance in 2015.
Chris Byiers
Chris ByiersCertified Fitness Trainer
Chris played semi-pro European football. And was a software architect before returning to his love of motivating people to get fit.
Tim Hampton
Tim HamptonCertified Fitness Trainer
Tim has a long-term interest in golf and fitness. This pointed him to exercise physiology and extensive experience in rehab training.
Natali Ruzich
Natali RuzichCertified Fitness Trainer
Natali earned her degree in Kinesiology from Temple. She’s now studying to be a Physical Therapy Assistant.
Wes Showalter
Wes ShowalterCertified Fitness Trainer
Wes played Division 1 Rugby. Which led to studying body mechanics. This helped make him an excellent “explainer.”
Carla Dudley
Carla DudleyPractice Coordinator
Carla trained as a fine artist focusing on printmaking. She received her degree from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Physical Therapy Team

Justin DePermentier DPT
Justin DePermentier DPTLead Physical Therapist
Justin earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training before becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
Carol Huegel PT
Carol Huegel PT Physical Therapist
Carol’s has interests across the age spectrum. This has led to training in neuro-development and vestibular rehabilitation.

Massage Therapy Team

Lisa Dubroff
Lisa DubroffNCBTMB Licensed Massage Therapist
Lisa’s interest in mind-body connection led her to massage therapy. She is certified in sports, deep tissue, and Mother Massage®

Nutrition Therapy Team

John Rickards
John RickardsLead Dietician
John’s interest in fitness led him to a career in nutrition. He’s a registered and licensed dietician with a facts-based approach to your health.
Ashley Lee
Ashley LeeDietician
Ashley’s belief that healthier eating leads healthier lives informed her decision to become a registered dietician and health coach.

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