Here at elevate Health & Performance our Philadelphia PT Team and certified trainers encourage staying fully hydrated.

55% to 75% of our body weight is water. It’s what holds us all together. Water’s the most important thing that we consume. After all, the brain is only 2% of our body weight. But that 2% uses 20% of our water weight!

Why is water so important? As our Philadelphia PT team notes, it carries oxygen and nutrients to our organs and joints. At the same time it’s eliminating toxins. Water regulates our body temperature. It lubricates our joints. And it ensures that our heart works efficiently.

It doesn’t take much to become dehydrated. Just a 1% or 2% deficit has serious consequences. You’ll quickly feel cranky and possibly dizzy. Plus you’ll experience muddled thinking and temporary memory impairment.  (To learn more, ready Jane Brody’s Well column).

“No water, no life.” – Sylvia Earle
“It is that simple.” – The elevate Philadelphia PT Team

So how much water do you need?

Adults need at least 4.5 cups a day. If you’re working out – even moderately – we suggest upping that 40% to 60%.

Drinking more water is very important in hot weather. Our bodies lose water so many ways that you can get dehydrated quickly.

What’s the best way to hydrate effectively?

Our Philadelphia PT Team suggests planning ahead and drink water on a schedule. If you wait until you’re thirsty, you’re already getting dehydrated.

Follow the schedule every day. If you hydrate proactively, you’ll be ready for the heat or an extra strenuous workout.

Sip, don’t gulp. People argue about warm vs. cool water. Drinking water with lemon or without. But experts agree: sip your water. Try to take 10 to 40 minutes to drink 12 ounces of water.

Why? Because when you sip, the water gets absorbed into your tissue and doesn’t just fill your gut. (Blogger Qingyao Shi has more on sipping).

What are options if you hate drinking water?

Some people just hate drinking water. And as we age, our desire to drink water diminishes. But our need for water doesn’t diminish.

An excellent option is to opt for plant-based water. Dozens of fruits and vegetables contain lots of water. Cucumbers are almost 90% water. Grapes clock in at around 80%. Similarly, lettuce, cauliflower, peppers, apples and pears are all great sources for water.

Finally, our Philadelphia PT Team suggests having a few tablespoons of Chia seeds to help keep you water level regulated.  Chia absorbs up to 30 times its weight in water. And then releases it slow.

Let’s raise a cool glass of water to our health!

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