Our Philadelphia Personal Trainer Team believes that optimistic clients and patients seem to make more progress than those who aren’t.

We just had anecdotal knowledge. But Dr Alan Rozanski, a cardiologist, compiled a comprehensive “study of studies” about optimism and health. Combined there were 229,391 participants. After controlling for other variables optimists had a much lower risk of having a cardiac incident.

As Dr. Rozanski told the NY Times, “In every case there was a strong relationship between optimism and lower risk of disease.”

Plus, two long running studies involving nurses and veterans find that many more optimists live to be 85 (50% more for women and 70% for men).

Our Philadelphia Personal Trainer team observes what Dr Rozanski points to as key advantages that optimists have:

Optimists take better care of themselves. We see that the optimists see being fit as part of being healthy and make time for it.

Pessimism has a biological component. Because your body produces stress hormones including cortisol and norepinephrine when you’re anxious or stressed. These hormones induce inflammation and lead to metabolic abnormalities including diabetes.

Unlike what a pessimist may think, you can become more optimistic.

Penn’s Dr. Martin Seligman pioneered research in “positive psychology.” And he developed the PERMA Theory of Well-Being. It focuses on Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning and Accomplishment. All contribute to an optimistic outlook. And all can be improved.

Our Philadelphia Personal Trainer Team can help improve your outlook. And that can improve your health.

Finally, the benefits of exercise on your mental have been widely documented. You can learn more here. Regular exercise has proven benefits. Even if you only exercise moderately your brain is more active and learning. This improves your outlook. You also release more endorphins. And these make you feel good.

The key: doing it regularly and challenging yourself to do more.

Here at elevate our Philadelphia Personal Trainer Team knows that if you “Can’t do it.” That means you “Can’t do it yet.”

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As always we’re all here to help. So just contact us.

P.S. Wonder if you’re an optimist or a pessimist? Here’s a link to the LOT-R test. It takes about 2 minutes and is the standard predictor of your outlook.