Here at elevate Health and Performance, we use private one-on-one physical therapy to help patients regain both physical and emotional strength and resilience. Hector was pointed to an interesting book that suggests how we view the world has a dramatic effect on every aspect of our lives. Here are Hector’s observations:

“My friend was telling me about the book Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and how it was a heavy read and not that exciting. Even with his warning, I had to give it a listen on Audible during my runs. And let’s just say it didn’t make me run that fast. But I really enjoyed the book. It helped clarify my thoughts about why and how our team can make a difference in your life.

The Guardian wrote a review, and summed it up perfectly:

“The core idea behind this book is simple and quite enticing. Nassim Nicholas Taleb divides the world and all that’s in it (people, things, institutions, ways of life) into three categories: the fragile, the robust and the antifragile.

  • You are fragile if you avoid disorder and disruption for fear of the mess they might make of your life: you think you are keeping safe, but really you are making yourself vulnerable to the shock that will tear everything apart.
  • You are robust if you can stand up to shocks without flinching and without changing who you are.
  • But you are antifragile if shocks and disruptions make you stronger and more creative, better able to adapt to each new challenge you face.

One on one private physical therapy helps you adapt to shocks and disruptions. You become stronger, more agile and more adaptable.

Taleb thinks we should all try to be antifragile. I agree with Taleb because it’s what the elevate team sees working as we make you healthier. We add “shocks and disruptions” (exercise and one on one private physical therapy) to the body. This releases endorphins and over time the “shocks” make you stronger.

Taleb goes into many other details in this seven-part book. While it was not the most colorful listen, I ordered the hard copy to help further my understanding. I wanted to learn how to live an Antifragile life, build an Antifragile organization, and have Antifragile relationships.

Stay moving. Stay healthy. Be Antifragile.”

When you’re ready for one on one private physical therapy to get antifragile, contact us. As always, we’re here to help.

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