Exercise is Medicine

Exercise Is Medicine

Now more than ever, our elevate team agrees with The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) that exercise is medicine. The evidence keeps coming in. Exercise …
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Personal Training Gym supporting your lifelong journey to health

HIIT Works, But Keep Moving Too

We’re more than a personal training gym, but performance training forms a core of our business. So, clients often ask us about the benefits of …
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Fitness & Health Practice Rittenhouse

Getting Grounded Helps Us Relax

Hector and the team at elevate – a fitness and health practice Rittenhouse adjacent – believe in the power of grounding techniques. These can range …
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Rehabilitation and Fitness form the core of our training and physical therapy practice

Ergonomics and Working at Home

Rehabilitation and fitness motivate everything we do at elevate. Movement, agility, and stability improve your health at every age. And now we have more clients and …
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