The fitness trainer team and the clients at our health and performance practice know that exercise benefits our physical health. At this point, that’s a no-brainer.

And study after study shows that exercise brings psychological benefits.

Our fitness trainer team notices that our clients feel more energetic and optimistic when they exercise often.

Now two studies suggest that regular exercise could increase self-control.

Here’s how it worked:

Researchers at the University of Kansas Lawrence screened volunteers for “delay discounting.” Think of making a choice between $20 today and $50 next week. It’s considered to be a reliable measure of self-control.

Then four sedentary volunteers – training for a 5K – met three times a week. Researchers coached them to push through an exercise routine a bit tougher than they’d expected.

Three out of four exhibited notable changes in self-control. And the effects lasted more than a month.

So, the researchers expanded the study to a group of twelve women with varying degrees of fitness. Once again 75% of them showed improved self-control. And the results lasted as long. Read more here.

Conclusive? Nope. Intriguing? Absolutely. Our fitness trainer team doesn’t see any down sides to exercising a little more.

Particularly if it might help our discipline as we reach for an Oreo or a few gummy worms.

At our Rittenhouse one-on-one fitness and physical therapy practice, we suggest when in doubt, opt for the exercise.

  • Just think of some of the benefits that you could enjoy:
  • Faster Weight Loss
  • More Effective Exercise
  • Learning More Effectively
  • Better Interpersonal Relationships
  • Peace of Mind

Our fitness trainer team has thought of dozens more benefits. And all or our trainers are certified exercise physiologists with four-year degrees. They also all have advanced certifications from Pre-natal Exercise to TRX® and Titleist® Professional Golf Instruction. You can learn more about what we do here.

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