Fitness and health are our focus at elevate Health & Performance. So, we’re always on lookout for great quotes and articles. This quote from Oprah stayed with us.

“The only way you win is to keep looking forward for yourself. What’s best for you?”

We all know that we need to look out for ourselves. But, isn’t it easy to forget? At least sometimes?

This moving article from The NYT Magazine about “Losing it in the anti-dieting age” is thought provoking.

Among other deep thoughts, author Taffy Brodesser-Akins realized that:

“I treated my body with such contempt, but my body wasn’t different from me. There were no two of me to put on a magazine cover, just the one of me.”  

“Whoa!” We thought. Can’t many of us fall into this trap?

Whether it’s weight, work or life we tend to separate ourselves into compartments. And forget about fitness and health.

Here at elevate we focus on the physical. But we also want to help keep our clients’ many qualities integrated into one well-functioning whole.

So, we remembered an article in Prevention about simple ways to be healthier. (And specifically getting ready for menopause – but it applies to all. So, guys, read on too). Here are our take-aways:

  • Have a regular exercise routine. Of course, most of our clients do. And for when you’re not with us at elevate, let us create home exercise fitness and health program.
  • Strength training matters at every age. The sooner you commit to staying strong – which involves a little discomfort and a lot of work – the healthier you’ll stay.
  • Core exercises and stretching make a difference. Few of us stretch enough. And many of us hate doing planks. But keep at it. Because you’ll be more mobile and flexible longer. And you might want to try a few sessions with our Chris Byiers who’s great at core work.
  • Sit less. Stand more. Sitting just isn’t good for our backs. We slump and slouch. When you’re standing, you’re forced to move. You burn more calories, keep your balance intact and generally have better posture.
  • Keep your weight from yo-yoing. Many of us want to lose a few pounds. We suggest: be realistic about what you need to lose. Then you’ll probably keep the weight off. Plus, studies show that widely fluctuating weight leads to many health problems.
  • Eat cleaner. This has been a fitness and health mantra for years. And many of us still snack on unhealthy food and default to ready-to-eat meal options. We believe that this leads to extra calories, more bad fats and unhealthy simple carbs with every meal.
  • Be nicer to yourself. Sounds simple. And we know it can be hard. Take a deep breath and step back. Perhaps try meditating. We love the HeadSpace app.

Of course, when you want help with any of these fitness and health suggestions we’re here. Just contact us.