Here at our Health & Performance Practice Studio, the entire team has become attuned to the change of seasons. Some love the weather getting cooler. And some hate the days getting shorter.

But we all agree that as we head towards the holidays and winter:

Now is the perfect time for a few Fall Health & Performance Studio tune-up tips.

Lots of options come to mind, but three stand out to us:

Get a flu shot. So many of us avoid or “forget” to get the annual flu vaccine. We hear a lot of excuses. But here’s the truth. 1. Your flu shot may not protect you 100%, but if you do get the flu it will definitely be milder. 2. Avoiding the flu helps you avoid getting other seasonal respiratory diseases. 3. It probably lessens the likelihood of contracting the Covid19 virus. Learn more from the New York Times.

Check you your agility and balance. At every age, you run a greater risk of falling and hurting yourself in the winter months. Staying agile and maintaining your sense of balance reduces the risk of tripping or falling. Justin DePermentier, the lead DPT at our Health & Performance Practice is taking a variety of courses at The Posture Restoration Institute (PRI).   It is dedicated to “treatment that addresses the primary contributions of postural kinematic movement dysfunction.” PRI has many exercise therapies that can help keep you agile and upright.

Review your diet. This year, more than most, it has felt easy to stray from healthier eating habits. Fortunately, most of our clients, patients and friends haven’t gained the “quarantine 15.” But even our team members admit to being laxer about eating well. Our consulting dieticians at Your Wellness Consultants can help. They’ll look at how you’re eating and suggest appropriate, scientifically based way to improve your diet. Like our Health & Performance Practice team, they believe in custom, one-on-one nutrition programs that improve your health.

We focus on your optimal health at every age.

Whether you want to look great, feel younger or move better, at our elevate Health & Performance Practice, we’re here for you. Learn more about What We Do .

As always, we’re here to help. So please contact us with any questions.