In the health and fitness arena, we see a lot of hype and fads. Maximum weight low rep strength training may be hot, and then low weight high reps. But truthfully, what works changes very little.

And fads may not be good. A new article in the New York Times cites research that HIIT training doesn’t improve fitness or accelerate weight loss as effectively as moderate exercise routines. It appears that excess HIIT could be harmful to your health.

As one of our health and fitness experts, Tim Hampton, observes:

“Your heart doesn’t know if you’re on a bike or running – you benefit from getting your heart rate up regardless of how you do it.”

Here at elevate Health & Performance™ we agree with experts at the Post Graduate Medical Journal: Exercise is medicine.

At every age, experts see a linear correlation between your health and fitness participation.

And inactivity is linked to over 3.2 million deaths per year.

Here in the USA, 15% of ALL adults are inactive. Fully 27.5% of adults 50 and over suffer from inactivity, according to StatNews. And two-thirds of inactive people have at least one chronic condition.

As the Center for Disease Control notes: three of the six leading causes of death – high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity relate directly to inactivity. And inactivity itself is the fifth leading cause.

Your health and fitness depend upon movement.

An effective health and fitness regimen focuses on four things:

  • One hundred fifty minutes or more of moderate cardio exercise (raising your heartbeat into the fat-burning zone) per week. And you need to exercise in 10-minute or longer sessions.
  • Two strength-training sessions of 30 minutes or more weekly. Our experts recommend full-body workouts.
  • Daily balance training. You can do something as simple as standing on one leg for 30 seconds or more.
  • Daily stretching and flexibility training that our experts believe you can sprinkle through your day in 4 or five short stretches.

So, when you need help developing your health & fitness program, our coaches and physical therapy staff (click to learn more about them) will be glad to help you. Just contact us.