We’re fitness training experts, with four-year degrees and advanced certifications.

We love exercise and the sense of accomplishment – and endorphins – you get from a workout. And honestly, even we flag from time to time.

Fortunately, most of our clients and friends here at elevate are pretty dedicated to exercise too. They keep at it. But sometimes they also lose the desire to keep exercising.

For some reason fitness training can get pushed aside. And consistency is critical to getting results.

So, we wondered: what’s up when we’re tempted to give up?

Collectively the elevate team thinks it has to do with setting unrealistic expectations. That just sets you up for failure. And that demotivates you.

We have five thoughts to help:

Lower the bar. Pick an attainable goal. Maybe even halve that goal. Work towards it. You’ll feel great when you achieve the goal. Then reset and keep going.

Stretch yourself – a bit. Sameness leads to boredom. We like trying something new when we’re picking our goal. So, if you never try pull-ups or whatever, give them a try. We feel fantastic when we master something new. Plus, when you hit your goal it’s a double dose of feeling great. Keeps us going.

Don’t wait for motivation. A lot of us use the excuse “I can’t do it unless I’m motivated.” That’s not true. And that’s the genius of Nike’s “Just Do It.” You can do it. The elevate team finds what we often have our best workouts when we weren’t motivated.

Contact Us – if you stop fitness training for more than two weeks. Studies show that the longer you don’t work out, the likelihood that you’ll start again decreases. And fast. Our exercise physiologists have tons of experience getting people back on track. And keeping them there.

Get started. Or re-started. We’re here. Again, contact us to help set your expectations.

If you’re interested, here’s a link from The Guardian to a great article about exercise succes.