Relevant information for better health from team member and exercise physiologist Kevin Ramos:

The quest for longevity drives me. As an exercise physiologist, my goal is to help people do the things they love for a lifetime.

An ACL injury drastically changed my perspective on training. The long recovery process was frustrating and unfamiliar, but it was a blessing in disguise — it was a learning opportunity.

I wanted to get back to doing everything I loved. But, it wasn’t just about my workouts, I wanted to be able to do things like run around the yard with my niece. While I was researching new ways to exercise that could help me heal, I stumbled upon Ben Patrick and Dr. Aaron Horschig.

Ben Patrick, the founder of ATG (Athletic Truth Group), has built the knee-over-toe movement by trying to help the world understand that athleticism is not limited by age or genetics. Dr. Aaron Horschig is a physical therapist providing the knowledge to help people tackle their own aches and pains. Both believe that optimal health and performance start with a healthy base of support: the feet.

Your feet are the literal foundation of health

The exercise physiologist community agrees that walking is a great way to strengthen the feet and create a strong base that can help prevent injury further up the chain, and even boost training performance. (Learn more about foot anatomy here).

Other ways to strengthen the foot include wearing wide-toe-box shoes and supplementing with a toe spacer. Because most shoes today are not designed to allow the toes to splay, they drastically limit the foot’s ability to be stable. Training shoeless or with a wide-toe-box shoe allows the foot to be in natural positions. Using a toe spacer for short periods of time throughout the week can help restore foot structure. In conjunction, the two have the potential to reverse years of poor adaptations caused by narrow shoes.

Wide-toe-box shoes and toe spacers can help return feet tor their natural postions

I have been applying what I’ve learned about foot health to my own training over the past two years and am feeling more stable and stronger than ever. Hopefully, this leads to a long life filled with safe training and chasing my future grandchildren through the yard.

I love being able to share what I’ve learned about this approach, helping my clients work toward optimal health and longevity.

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