Our Center City physical therapy practice helps patients walk more effectively. Whether they have problems with balance and gait, or are recovering from an injury or surgery.

But, sometimes we worry that we write too much about walking. But the team at elevate Health & Performance™agrees with Hippocrates:

“Walking possibly is the best medicine.”

It keeps us mobile and flexible. It burns calories. And studies prove that active exertion helps our brain function.

And while you don’t need us to walk – we recommend brisk walking to everyone.

So, many of you ask: “Well, what’s brisk walking? And for how long?”

The CDC suggests that brisk walking means that a “speed at which a person can talk, but not sing.” Not so simple.

Our Center City physical therapy team found a 2009 study from San Diego State. It suggested “3000 steps in 30 minutes.”

That’s 100 steps a minute. And that seemed sensible.

Now there’s a study of studies – 38 in all. And the consensus number is 100 steps a minute to have a meaningful health benefit.

When you time yourself, you’ll find that you will be raising your heart rate. As our Center City physical therapy team notes: That’s a brisk pace. But not a jog.

150 minutes per week. That’s the time that aggregated studies suggest walking briskly per week.

Hey, 150 minutes per week equals just 21.5 minutes a day. And you don’t have to do it all at once. Just hitting the number is enough.

So there you have: 100 steps and 21.5 minutes to walk toward health.

Finally: if you’re reluctant to do this outside, just contact us. Give us a head’s up that you’re ready to walk.

And then feel free come in for cardio before or after your Private Personal Training or Private Physical Therapy.