Here at elevate Health & Performance we continue to evolve. Being health partners with clients has become one important goal.

As we listen to clients and look at leading worthy rivals, we’ve come to realize that we provide more than personal training, physical therapy or therapeutic massage. We work together on a multi-faceted shared journey so that clients can live the life they want.

The journey starts with our patients and clients. Almost all view their time with us as restorative. Very few have focused on just looking great. At every age, they look to us to help them be active, healthy and engaged.

Everyone on the elevate team listens and observes closely.

Because that’s what health partners do. They become – and stay – attuned to clients’ moods, physical changes, emotional ups and downs, life changes.

When you train with us, the team develops your exercise program with our physical therapists based on what they observe. And if do physical therapy, patients often move on to personal training to solidify their progress.

And we focus on more than what we offer. We focus on what you need. So, when appropriate we may gently suggest that you want to consult with a registered dietician, a licensed therapist or even a financial consultant.

As health partners we try to help make every aspect of your life better.

To a person, our team consists of inquisitive learners. They became health professionals – and health partners – because they care about helping people. That fuels their desire to keep learning and growing. Naturally, this benefits our clients and patients.

A few useful findings that the team has found recently include:

  • Meditation probably benefits your heart health. Meditators had a 35% lower risk of high cholesterol, 14% lower risk of high blood pressure and 24% lower risk of stroke than non-meditators. Learn More Here.
  • You can learn to be optimistic. And studies show that optimistic people enjoy better health and less anxiety. In fact, optimist may live longer. Learn to be More Optimistic Here.
  • You can gain strength and muscle mass at every age. And maintaining or increasing your core muscle strength has countless benefits from better breathing to fewer injuries to improved mental health. Learn More to Get Stronger Here.

Our health partners want elevate to be your “Home for Health.” The place you come to, to meet some of the people who help you stay healthy and active at every age. Moving forward we plan to expand our network of health partners to different fields and be indispensable while we remain at your service. You can learn more about What We Do Here. And Meet The Team.

Any questions or concerns, just Contact Us. We’re here to help.